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People of the Movment

It’s nice to know that after all our hard work
protesting against the 1%, someone inside
Wall Street heard our voices loud and clear.

Adrian Jalevenie, Occupy activist

People have called us the ‘Robin Hoods’ of the
working class. But I don’t like that title.
I don’t feel like I’m stealing from the 1%.
I’m simply giving back the middle class.

Erika Hines, Trader

Collecting money on autopilot just for sitting
in front of my Macbook is much more fun
that protesting.

Alexander Herrely, Occupy activist

Being able to use my insight and resources
to help advance such a worthy cause brings
meaning to my job as a trader on Wall Street.

Blake Thompson, Trader
A chart showing the disparity in income distribution in the United States Wealth inequality and income inequality have been central concerns among the protesters. CBO data shows that in 1980, the top 1% earned 9.1% of all income, while in 2006 they earned 18.8% of all income.

Occupy protests across the world

Occupy New York protest on October 2011

Occupy Montreal protest on October 2011

Occupy London protest on October 2011

Occupy Berlin protests on October 2011

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